10 Hottest Female Wrestlers

Female wrestling is a spectacle to watch. As much as we like watching the women beat each other up for the sake of sports, fame, and women, one can’t deny that the women just look stunning even when they are all stunning and aggressive, especially when they are all aggressive and stunning. In this post, we are planning to celebrate these gorgeous women in wrestling. Here are top 10 hottest female wrestlers ever.

10. Chyna

Her actual name is Joan Marie Laurer, and besides being a professional wrestler, Chyna is also a glamor model, bodybuilder, and pornographic film actress. She was billed as the “Ninth Wonder of the World” in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) back in 1997 and this really is a sort of self-explanatory as to why Chyna has landed on this list. She is the only female wrestler to have held the WWF Intercontinental Championship twice and the WWF Women’s Championship once.

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