How To Buy Bitcoin in Qatar [Binance P2P] Crypto

How To Buy Bitcoin and Crypto in Qatar [Ban] Binance P2P
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0:00 Why use Binance P2P in Qatar?
0:53 Set up Binance P2P account
2:50 Real USDT transaction w/ P2P
4:50 Important tips!
5:59 Lifetime 10% discount link

Binance P2P trading verification process tutorial for beginners. In this video I will show exactly how to buy and sell crypto in Qatar on Binance P2P with zero fees even after the Qatar crypto ban! You can use bank transfer for buying and selling bitcoin and cryptocurrencies instantly with no fees locally anywhere in the world! I recommend always trading USDT on Binance P2P for the best rates, avoid using P2P Binance Express as you have no control over who you are selling to. To avoid any risk, follow the step by step guide to avoid any problems and not need to cancel any order. Ultimate tutorial on how to buy on Binance P2P and how to sell on P2P Binance app platform. You use both pc and phone. Please follow the steps to complete 2FA before you proceed. Good trading and profit with the largest exchange in the world. Buy crypto Binance P2P and sell crypto P2P Binance locally with bank transfer. Don’t forget to use the referral code ID bonus link to get a lifetime 10% discount on your spot trading fees!

Binance P2P Qatar: Buy & Sell Crypto [Ban] 2021

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