How to MAKE MONEY ONLINE in Canada: 99 Awesome Ways! (2021)

Unhappy with your current job? Working online in Canada is the solution for you. Learn 99 awesome ways on how to make money online in Canada.

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In 2019 I quit the 9-5 grind to work while travelling the world. The freedom to work from anywhere has dramatically improved my life.

I’ve done extensive research on different career paths and how to find remote work.

Whether you want to earn $50 a month, or $100,000+ a year, in this video you’ll learn about how to make money online in Canada, ways to make money online, how to make money online as a teenager, how to make money online Canada, best way to make money online, and how to make money online fast.

Avoid Scam Artists Online
When you’re trying to make money online, there’s no shortage of scam artists. Beware of any of these red flags:

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Dozens of terrible MLM ideas have been pitched to me, ranging from smoothie drinks to forex trading. All of the ideas were built on failing business models and most of which don’t exist today.

Having to pay your way into a job: If you have to pay a company for the right to work for them or things like startup costs, you’re not an employee, you’re a customer!

Useless courses: Countless self-proclaimed gurus always claim they have the keys to success, and charge outrageous course fees only to disappear once you transfer over money. Research your course and instructors thoroughly, and see what the reviews say about them.

Get rich quick schemes: There are rarely any shortcuts to making money online. Beware of any people promising you’ll get rich quickly with minimal work.

Promises of a guaranteed return on investment: If you’re looking to invest money online, run far away from anything that guarantees a percentage return on your investments. Short of something like a high-interest savings account, it’s almost impossible to earn a riskless guaranteed return on your investment. It’s a huge red flag if someone promises otherwise.

“Fad” investments: When the cryptocurrency craze peaked in 2018, there were dozens of companies that offered outrageous returns on investments of over 10% per month. Almost all of those companies are now bankrupt, and most investors lost all their money. Let’s see if it happens again with this huge 2021 crypto craze.

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