How to Make Money with Bitcoin in South Africa

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How to make money with Bitcoin in South Africa

Bitcoin is becoming a popular payment currency on the internet because their are almost no cost involved when trading with bitcoin. There are initial cost to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin, but when you trade between bitcoin wallets the cost is almost zero.

Many people see bitcoin as a currency with real value and not an fiat currency like paper money like Rands and Dollars.

Get Started:

Step 1. Open an account with Coinpayments

Step 2. Buy bitcoins at Localbitcoins.

How to use Localbitcoins:

There are 3 ways that I mention in the video to make money with bitcoin and they are:

1. MyPayingads join here

Here is a playlist of everything you need to know about MyPayingAds:

2. Localbitcoin Trader signup here

3. Bitcoin Mining signup here Get discount on buying hashrate by using this promotional code before you buy a contract: QqNvn3

Also see my Youtube playlist for free complete training on how to get started with bitcoin:

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