How to make money with crypto in 2021 (8 different ways!)

Are you looking for different ways to make money with crypto in 2021? You found the right video. You can earn cryptocurrency and make some pretty nice gains by doing one (or all) of these 8 ways. I was wondering.. How to make money with crypto now that the price is so high? Is it still profitable and worth my time? The answer is yes.

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0:00​​ How to make money with crypto?
0:51 Make money by investing in crypto
2:33 Make money by trading crypto
3:50 Make money by staking/farming crypto
5:05 Make money by lending out your crypto
5:43 Make money by doing crypto faucets
7:57 Make money by collecting referrals
9:07 Make money by mining crypto
10:20 Make money with crypto airdrops

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