Most Reliable & Unreliable Car Brands – WhatCar Reliability Survey UK

Most Unreliable Car Brands – WhatCar UK Reliability Survey 2021
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Once again we look to the WhatCar reliability Survey, this is the 2021 car reliability survey and in this one we’re focusing on car brand reliability in the UK based on responses from 16,000 UK owners of cars under 5 years old. Would you expect Citroen to be one of the most reliable car brands?

Some of the results here are truly shocking, I really mean that, it’s not a bit of clickbait. Would you ever consider that Dacia would be far more reliable than Porsche for example? Are Porsche really one of the most unreliable car brands in the UK???

If you could choose any premium SUIV what would it be? now look at the bottom of the list. Land Rover reliability is not great at all but neither are some of the other big premium brands. It’s a fairly good showing for the French brands which have often taken a bashing in the past (including from me). I personally expect much more from the likes of VW/Audi, Volvo, Nissan, Ford etc.

Please remember that this is not an exact science, many owners will have had years of trouble free motoring with a particular brand, this is also only based on 16,000 survey responses and a winder pool of responses would have undoubtedly have given more accurate reults.

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