My First Year Selling On Amazon FBA – The Honest Results

This is an HONEST and PERSONAL video sharing the Truth about AMAZON FBA! We share everything including costs to sell on amazon, amazon fba fees, and all our mistakes!

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How to Sell on Amazon:

I Quit My 9-5 Job For Amazon

In the video, Ariana and I will share with you a review of Ariana’s 1st year of selling on Amazon. We will try to be completely transparent and honest as much as possible about everything

Ariana’s Numbers
Revenue: $24,849
Cost of the Product: $5,808
Amazon Pick-and-pack fee: $5,343
Amazon Fee 15%: $3,727
Other Random Fees: $1,419
Amazon PPC: $2,221
Profit: $6,331

Biggest Mistakes
Ordering Too Much
Our first mistake was ordering too many units of the product. We ordered 2,000 units. The reason we did that is that once you ordered more units, the cost of the individual product goes down. However, one of the downsides is that there were some mistakes on the cards and we are stuck on selling those. One of the lessons here is that there are going to be mistakes in your product, but it’s not the end of the world. People are still going to buy it.

Expensive to Start
The process was a lot more expensive than we thought it would be. Shipping costs are major. Air shipping vs sea shipping makes a huge difference. If you are in a rush, air shipping is the best solution but it will have a greater cost. Sea shipping takes up to 6 weeks, but it is cheaper. If you have the time, do sea shipping.

Unrealistic Expectations
The biggest mistake that I made is putting too much pressure on Ariana. I was expecting her to be making 6-figures as I did. However, it is different for her as she was doing this while having a full-time job. I should have set more realistic expectations.

How to Launch on Amazon
My process is a little bit different. I recommend the Passion Product Method, creating your own product that you wish existed in the world and you are passionate about. Below are the steps you should take to launch a product on Amazon.
Come up with an idea
Create a Product Launch Group
Manufacture the product
Launch on Amazon

Ariana’s Biggest Lesson
Ariana’s biggest lesson after 1 year of selling on Amazon is to have a mentor to guide her through the process. She didn’t realize how important it was to build tension, to get people excited about a product, and it made all the difference.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my entrepreneurial journey is trying to do everything myself. Find someone who’s already done it successfully and copy them.

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