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Magnetic car shades are the latest car window shade design, which will not interfere with car window operation. There are many key features of RVSUNSHADES car window shades:

– Block harmful UV and strong sunlight, glare, and heat
– Block insects and debris from blowing into the vehicle
– Sunlight & UV blocking still in action while the car window is down
– Reduce the amount of dust and pollen blowing into the interior of the car
– Protect your privacy and keep away prying eyes
– Keep car interior cooler
– Keep car interior darker
– Cheaper than window tinting in general
– Easy to remove and put on at any time

Magnetic Snap-on baby sun shades for cars, protecting baby and passengers from harmful UVA & UVB, insects, strong sunlight, and privacy, regardless of tinted windows or not.

Snap shades on the metal window frame in most models, some require mounting tags assistance for securing sun shades in place due to window frame design.

See how easy to put RVSUNSHADES car shade on your vehicle:

Advantages over other types of car window shades:
– Magnetic frame, snap shades onto the metal car window frame
– Put on and remove car sunshade at any time you wish
– You can wind down windows with the window shades on
– Interior fitted to avoid exposure to weather, fading, torn and damage, and flapping when driving
– Easy to wash by hose and dry naturally

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