Top 10 Female Bodybuilding Beauties

Let’s face it, bodybuilding isn’t exactly a mainstream sport, and female bodybuilding is even less so. People who aren’t into the health and fitness industry can’t fathom the idea of lifting weights and building their bodies to the extent these individuals have. But it’s a lifestyle, a strict, disciplined lifestyle, and these 10 haven’t wavered from that over the years. Their hard work and dedication are evident for all to see; these 10 female bodybuilders are certainly body beautiful, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

10. Erica Cordie

Erica got involved in the iron game after damaging her knee in a skiing accident. She began lifting to strengthen up her knee but soon got hooked, and pumping iron became a way of life for Erica. Over the years as she toned and sculpted her body, her face and figure began to get picked up and she became somewhat of an internet sensation. Nowadays she earns her corn as a fitness model, a media personality, and certainly one of the hottest women on the bodybuilding scene.

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