Top 10 Largest Stadiums In The World

Football has been the leading sports in the world; the most-watched sports in the world, no wonder little children nowadays aspire to be a footballer. Over the past, Europe has developed the most stable and competitive system of football. The continent is the hub of many footballing giants like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, etc. With great football comes great fans who fill the atmosphere of the stadium with wonderful chants, colors and show support to their team. Here we come with a list of the top 10 largest stadiums in the world as per the capacity and atmosphere during games.

10 Allianz Arena

On the 10th spot is German heavyweight FC Bayern Munich’s home ground “Allianz Arena”. The stadium is named after its sponsor “Allianz SE” and has a capacity for 75000 spectators to enjoy the game at a time. Allianz Arena is known for its exterior comprising of inflated ETFE plastic panel and cost for a total sum of 340 million Euros. The club has passionate and loud fans that create a strong supportive atmosphere in the arena and it becomes extremely difficult for other teams to get the better of Bayern’s players.

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