Top 10 Most Luxurious Cars in the World | Top 10 Luxury Cars 2021

Top 10 Most Luxurious Cars in the World | Top 10 Expensive Cars 2021
A luxury car is a car that provides increased levels of comfort, equipment, amenities, quality, performance, and status relative to regular cars for an increased price.

The automotive industry isn’t as black and white as it used to be. In the past there were two basic types of cars, luxury and affordable, but times have changed. Over the last decade or so, there has been a growth in the “premium” car and truck category. The premium and a luxury categories are similar but there are a few distinct characteristics of both types of vehicles and Driver’s Auto Mart has both.

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10- Audi A7 00:22
09- BMW 750 01:09
08- Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 01:46
07- Porsche Panamera 02:42
06- Genesis G90 03:21
05- Mercedes-Benz E400 03:49
04- Jaguar F-Type 04:33
03- Audi S5 05:18
02- Mercedes-Benz S550 05:58
01- BMW 540 06:29


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