Top 5 CHEAP Cars With 400BHP (LESS THAN £10,000)

Looking for a cheap car with more than 400bhp? Some of the most powerful cheap cars you can buy second hand? Look no further than this video, as I walk you through 5 cars with 400bhp or more that you can buy for less than £10,000.

400bhp used to be exclusively for supercars back in the day, and you’d need to be pretty wealthy to get your hands on that level of power, but today you don’t even need to buy any bigger than a £7k Jag to get something that’ll give you those figures.

In this video I provide the stats, specs, costs of ownership, and other relevant information to these cars – let me know in the comments if I’ve made any mistakes or if there are obvious omissions from the list that I should have known!

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Cars that feature in this video:
– Lexus LS600h
– Jaguar XKR
– Chrysler 300C SRT-8
– Mercedes CL55 AMG
– Audi RS6 C5
– Audi S6 C6

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