Top 5 CHEAP V8 Cars For Under £5,000 (UP TO 400BHP)

Looking for the cheapest V8 cars? Cheap, powerful V8s with huge performance for less than £5,000 are the focus of this video, so you’re in the right place!

For less than the current value of 1 bitcoin you could buy one of these V8 monsters, have some insane noises coming from the exhaust, and a lot of fun on back roads (unless something goes wrong with reliability… obviously.) – either way, a lot more fun than investing in crypto currency…

As I mentioned in the description of my last video, what can you expect from cars that are practically cheap supercars? Of course they’re not going to be kind to the wallet, and either way, I’d much rather cry to the sound of a V8 than my little 1.2L VW Polo 9n. That said, I’d much rather have the 9n as a cheap first car, because these could be death traps to a new driver.

Let me know in the comments which of these 5 cars is your favourite, as well as the TOTW; what’s your all-time favourite V8? Mine is probably the C63 AMG V8 Bi-Turbo, what a monster.

Thanks for the continued support, I hope you enjoy the video!

Cars that appear in this video:
– Ford Mustang GT SN95
– Lexus GS430 S190
– BMW E39 540i M Sport
– Mercedes Benz CL500
– Mercedes Benz CLK500
– Jaguar S-Type R

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Should I build a rally car? Hmmm… I’m thinking about it.


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