Vegas Dave: The GOAT of Fooling You with Sports Betting

Vegas Dave is extremely entertaining on social media.

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Authentic or Charlatan: Vegas Dave | King of Sports Betting

Today’s episode centers around one of the most well known “celebrities” in the sports gambling community, Vegas Dave.

Vegas Dave has a huge following on Instagram because of his flashy lifestyle: beautiful women, expensive living, exotic sports cars, vacations to Cabo, etc.

Now that Vegas Dave is banned from gambling at the casinos, he’s decided to spend all of his time promoting his picks. He touts picks. He basically picks winners and send them to his customers. Does he win? Watch the video to find out.

He makes upwards of $150k+ a week touting picks. The man knows how to make money.

Vegas Dave is one of the stars in the new showtime series, Action. Which centers around 4 sports gamblers in the Las Vegas sports betting world.

Vegas Dave is now dating Holly Sanders and they appear to be happy.


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